Despicable madness!!


Hey everyone!

Me again with a new design. This time with a twist of Despicable madness!!!

Everyone has been working on something Minion related and I didn’t want to be left behind so I came up with this adorable tutu. The pattern for the top will be available soon along with my other designs. Enjoy and share this post if you think someone might like it. Talk soon =)

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New items


Hey everyone!!

I’ve been M.I.A since the giveaway because I’ve been working on different things. I’ve made some tutus, a new twist to the Strawberry Shortcake series and of course gotten into the Minion madness just like everyone else =)

First let me show you what the new twist to the Strawberry Shortcake series will be like. Strawberry and Blueberry romper set

Then I worked on this custom order for a Belle tutu and I just love how beautiful my princess looks =)

Last but not least, I designed a Minion beach bag which I absolutely adore! All patterns will be written up and tested soon.

I hope you enjoy my new creations. Remember to leave feedback letting me your thoughts or ideas. Talk soon =)

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CPC 4K Giveaway winners!!


What an amazing giveaway!!

First off, I’d love to give a HUGE THANK YOU to all of my vendors for taking the time to donate all the awesome items that were featured on this giveaway. I really couldn’t have pulled this off without all of their help. This giveaway exceeded my expectations and I am really happy with the results. Please take another moment to go back to their pages and say thank you whether you’re a winner or not. It was a pleasure working with so many talented ladies.

Remember winners, you have 48 hours to claim your prizes or a new winner will be chosen.

Honorable mentions to:

Pretty and Pink Bowtique

Blue Frog Creations

Crochet by Laura

Baby K crochet

Purple Orchid Designs

Knots & Sparklez

Lorna Doone

Posh Patterns

CPC 9 patterns



Calleigh’s Clips and crochet

Petal Knits

CPC $10 gift certificate

Sweet Life Creations

Kookum’s Kreations

Knit in the womb


Jac’s Corner

ASPhotography FAMILY storyboard

Olivia’s girly boutique

Love It Mean It


My Fancy Princess

PDP Jewelry

Up in stitches

Heidi’s Knits & tutus

Cuddle Me Beanies

String with style

Cute Crafts by Ida

Tiny Tots

Syare’s gifts


The Gypsy’s crafts

ASPhotography collage storyboard

Keep Calm and Crochet


Pearl West necklace

I-D Designs

Little Lidz


L&y Little Accessories

Tutu Fantasia


Tricity Hokes Crochet

Sarah’s This & That

Ape’s Custom Jewelry

Little shop osunshine

Luv Buzz

Puka Pey

Hayes Southernn Designs

AandN Accessories

RAKJ Patterns

Daughter of an ace

Awesome Twin crochet

Knot Your Nana’s Crochet

Thingy Thingz

Knots, Stitches & Bows

Addy’s Crafty Corner

Open Skye

CPC hearts bonnet

Things that make you say awww

Creative Beauty

Awesome Chick crochet

Momma Wise

Alie and Lolo

Amber’s Crochet

Ala Sascha(verified)

Cherishable Creations

CPC Surprise Gift

Ti Amo Bella

Mad Mad Me


The English Rose

Rainbow Baby props

Princess C Creations

Rains Kraft Corner

Pearl West hat

Polka dot Petals closet

From Home

Awesome Chick Crochet

Winners and vendors:

Aimee Place Pretty and Pink Bowtique 
Alessandra Gallina Blue Frog Creations
Alyssa Michalski Crochet by Laura
Amanda Stevens Baby K crochet
Anastasia Staci Kepner Purple Orchid Designs
Angie McHooker Knots & Sparklez
Angie Munjone Delgado Lorna Doone
Anne Marie Carter Posh Patterns
Annette Matthews CPC 9 patterns
Ashley Conard Crochetcreations
Ashley Larose Morales Makntherounds
Beverly Wright Calleigh’s Clips and crochet
Bonnie Rodriguez Petal Knits
Brandi Jones CPC $10 gift certificate
Brandie Cooper Darby Sweet Life Creations
Brandy Marie Kookum’s Kreations 
Carla M. Dunn Knit in the womb
Cathryn Baker ASPhotography LOVE STORYBOARD
Renee Ewalt Jac’s Corner
Colleen Hoke ASPhotography FAMILY storyboard
Courtney Kindree Olivia’s girly boutique
Darvonna Minix Love It Mean It
Denise McCaskill Makntherounds
Diane Schweinhagen My Fancy Princess
Elizabeth Cummins PDP Jewelry
Jen Fields Up in stitches
Erica Whittaker Heidi’s Knits & tutus
Erin Cleary Cuddle Me Beanies
Tamara Schroeder String with style
Esther Chanie Dushinsky Cute Crafts by Ida
Kelly Chartrand Tiny Tots
Gloria Watkins Syare’s gifts
Heather Gibbs Crochet ShopKimberlie
Hollie Lynn Bobo The Gypsy’s crafts
Ida Burress ASPhotography collage storyboard
Paula Beamon Keep Calm and Crochet
Jen Field Connors Makntherounds
Jennifer McCane Pearl West necklace
Jessica Rathbone I-D Designs
Jo Burkhalter Brown Little Lidz
Julie Chase Freshoffthehook
Gillian Juntunen Whitaker L&y Little Accessories
Kristin King McClain Tutu Fantasia
Krystal N Destin Brown Makntherounds
Kyria Lockheart Tricity Hokes Crochet
Laurie Mickey Mitchell Sarah’s This & That
Lisa Marie Marcell Ape’s Custom Jewelry
Lora Ellingwood Little shop osunshine
Marie Lah Luv Buzz
Megan Clark Puka Pey
Megan Crowl-Humple Hayes Southernn Designs
Megan M Gonzalez AandN Accessories
Natasha Powley-Barill RAKJ Patterns
Melissa Masimore Daughter of an ace
Melissa Rice Durand Awesome Twin crochet
Misti Sellers Ellis Knot Your Nana’s Crochet
Natasha Hudgins Thingy Thingz
Nicole Storm Krenzelok Knots, Stitches & Bows
Oressa Heilig Addy’s Crafty Corner
Renee Dikty Open Skye
Elizabeth Thomas CPC hearts bonnet
Rhonda Bray Camp Things that make you say awww
Sarah Blair Creative Beauty
Sherry Hull Awesome Chick crochet
Shylo Oberst Momma Wise
Stephanie Roberts-Harman Alieandlolo
Tamara Schroeder Amber’s Crochet
Teresa D. Gonzales Ala Sascha
Teresa Scherber Heinz Cherishable Creations
Teri Heathcote CPC Surprise Gift
Shannon Ruth Ti Amo Bella
Tiffany Madden Mad Mad Me
Tiffany Zavulunov AsUWish
Tracy ‘Hiatt’ Markland The English Rose
Trevor Kindree Rainbow Baby props
Trisha Wagner Princess C Creations
Valarie Bibber Ireland Rains Kraft Corner
Vicki Goss Pearl West hat
Vicki Messner Polka dot Petals closet
Vinita McCall From Home
Monica Potter Tricity Hokes Crochet
Errin Gordon String with style
Terra Leigh     Awesome Chick crochet


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