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Hi again!!

So I know many of us have a shop of some sort. Whether it’s Etsy, Ravelry or Craftsy, we all want to showcase and sell our work. Now, how many sales you get depends A LOT on how you set up your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This topic can be messy, annoying and definitely not for everyone. I particularly don’t like this and I find it tedious to read all the info there is.

But there’s good news about it!! I was searching for ideas to get my items to sell more on my Etsy shop and without having to read endlessly on this topic. Fortunately, I found Etsy Tag Wars. This little widget helped me find the right tags for each of my items for a wider exposure.

Since doing this, my sales have skyrocketed to a whole new level! The only downside is that it takes about a week to see results BUT it’s GUARANTEED that you will see the benefits.

Here’s how it works:



Enter a phrase on each column. For example, I made a couple of Minion tutus. So to see if I showed up when people searched for it, I entered one of the tags I used in the description and this is what happened:

Three of my items showed up in the list. Before I did this, I wasn’t showing up AT ALL. And if I did, it was all the way on the last page. A big NO-NO if you’re looking to make money.


As you can see, three of my Minion tutus show up on each phrase. The goal is to have your items show up on the first page, so people buy your item(s) instead of having to go through countless pages. You can spend hours doing this. Just make sure that once you search for the words that describe your items, you add them to the tag line on your listing. Like this:


These are all the options I entered to see where I would rank. I added them all and it’s really paying off. In the last two weeks alone, I have made more sales around this time than I did last year in total!

I really hope this helps you get more sales. Make sure to share it with all your fellow shop owners to help them as well. Link back to this post and please share your experience with me. Best of luck and lots of sales!

See you soon.

Love. Laugh. Crochet

I’m BACK!!!


Hello everyone!!!

Well, after a very LONG vacation from this blog, I’m finally back. So much has happened since the last time I posted here. Let’s see, I have been creating tons of new items, TONS! I have improved in my photography as well.  These are just some of the new cool items I’ve created.



1978690_809686939061476_1063173428_n 10154110_837201636310006_2555718633095390744_n




Sooo, to welcome all of you back, I want to do a little pattern giveaway. You can choose ANY of my patterns HERE


  • You need to enter code WELCOME (all caps) in order to get it free.
  • You MUST click “ADD TO CART” in order to adjust the cart with the Coupon Code.
  • DO NOT click “Buy it Now” otherwise you’ll get charged.

NOTE: I am NOT responsible if you do not read and follow these  instructions.


This pattern giveaway starts now and runs through 11:59pm (Eastern time) on October 8th.

Peace. Love. Crochet.



Despicable madness!!


Hey everyone!

Me again with a new design. This time with a twist of Despicable madness!!!

Everyone has been working on something Minion related and I didn’t want to be left behind so I came up with this adorable tutu. The pattern for the top will be available soon along with my other designs. Enjoy and share this post if you think someone might like it. Talk soon =)

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